Our History

Saturday Morning Music Classes (SMMC) is a locally operated non-profit organisation, established in 1968.

Contributions and fees are priced to make the following aims easily affordable to all families:

  • To provide tuition on orchestral instruments, voice and guitar
  • To encourage participation in orchestras and ensembles
  • To give opportunities to enjoy and share music making.

SMMC functions largely under the Ministry of Education Out of Hours Classes Regulations for Primary Schools. We operate two divisions:

  1. Primary Division - students up to and including school year 8
  2. Open Division - everyone from the equivalent of school year 9 (secondary) and up

Class Structure & Costs

Classes are taught in small groups made up of pupils with similar musical abilities.

Primary Division

Covers all students up to and including school year 8.

Students at a primary level are largely funded by the Ministry of Education, however we ask for a voluntary contribution of $120 per class. Pupils learning an instrument with us can participate in an ensemble or orchestra at no extra charge.

We welcome students that are not learning their instrument with us to come and be part of our ensembles - playing as part of a group is hugely beneficial to musical development, and great fun! At a primary level we ask for a $60 voluntary contribution for those wanting to participate in ensembles only (any additional ensembles are free of charge). To join our ensembles you have to be at an appropriate level for the group you wish to join, we can guide you on this.

Ukulele classes are considered as ensemble groups, so for primary division we ask for a $60 voluntary contribution. If a pupil is enrolled for an instrumental class, ukelele is free of charge.

Open Division

All pupils from school year 9 and up - anyone beyond primary school (secondary students, tertiary students, adults) is invited to enrol for classes in this division.

We do not receive funding for students above primary level, and our prices for a year are as follows:

  • Instrumental lessons - $400
  • Singing - $200 
  • Musicianship theory - $200
  • Ensembles - $60 (this is a one-off charge which covers membership of more than one ensemble)

Our open division instrumental lesson prices are based on there being 3 or more enrolments for an instrument (30 minute lesson per week). In the case of there being less than 3 enrolments at open division level, students will be incorporated into a primary division class where practicable.  We encourage open division students to enrol with a friend, a unique and creative way to spend time together learning something new.

Musicianship theory is integrated with the primary division classes, with classes running over the course of Saturday mornings. Students progress at their own rate in this class.